Vital Spares - Seller's Guide

Boost sales and manage all inventory and sales in one place.

Create your own store

We have made it easy for you to engage in the e-business industry without having to set up and manage your own website and portal.

Attract more customers

The VitalSpares online platform allows you to reach a larger audience and advertise your products and services more effectively.

Interact with your customers

Online customer offers, inquiries, requests, and live chat are all available at Vital Spares for efficient interactions with customers.

A leading online platform for auto parts dealers and buyers, Vital Spares is dedicated to making the search and purchase of auto parts fast and easy, and we also offer many unique features for auto part dealers so they can manage their stores with just one click and reach more customers all over the world.

Our Platform have follwoing features for auto part dealers

Manage Store

You can customize and manage your store.
  • Public Web Page
  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Salesman
  • Branches
  • Expense Types
  • Suppliers
  • Sales Tax
  • Online Sale
public page
sales person
expense types
sales tax
Add proudcts for online sale
customize products
Recieve Online Orders

Manage Inventory

You can manage.
  • Add Auto Parts
  • Add Auto Cars
  • Stock Adjustment
  • Import Data
  • Stock Reports
Define Auto Parts
Add Vehicles
Stock Adjustment
Stock Reports
Stock Register

Manage Sales

You can manage.
  • Sale Invoice
  • Sale Return
  • Sales Statistics
  • Sales Register
  • Auto Stock Update
Sales Invoice
Invoice Print
Sales Statistics
Sales Register
Sales Return

Manage purchases

You can manage.
  • Purcahse Invoice
  • Purcahse Return
  • Purcahse Statistics
  • Auto Stock Update
Purchase Invoice
Purcahse Statistics
Purchase Register
Purchase Return

Customer Interactions

You can interact by.
  • Inquiries
  • Requests
  • Promotions
  • Live Chat
Inquiry Reply
Request Response
Live Chat