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Car Engine Cooling System

14/Mar/2023 193 |


A cooling system is needed to dissipate excess heat created during the internal combustion process.

Cooling System Maintenance

Cooling system maintenance is preventive maintenance done to avoid an overheating situation and to avoid electrolysis (the breakdown of metals that occurs inside the engine block). Cooling system maintenance mileage varies by make and model. ln some cases, maintenance is necessary before the mileage indicated in the owner's manual. For example, if the manufacturer's recommendation is a coolant flush at 150,000 miles, it could quickly need to be flushed before that. If the coolant is low then there may be a leak. Leaks can occur at the water pump, heater core, hoses, radiator, and at multiple locations throughout the engine.

When checking the coolant at home, be sure never to open the radiator while the engine is hot.

Flushing the cooling system will not correct an overheating concern. if your vehicle is overheating, (as indicated on the temperature gauge on the dash), it would need to be diagnosed and repaired.

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