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Car Electrical System

11/Sep/2023 125 |

Parts of the Electrical System

The main parts of the electrical system are the battery, alternator, and ignition system.

  • The battery is the power source of the whole vehicle.
  • The alternator is a recharging device that is used to maintain the charge of the battery.
  • The ignition system is used to ignite the fuel at the correct time during the Otto cycle of events.

spark plug

The purpose of the spark plug gap is to create an electric arc or spark of high heat to ignite the air-fuel mixture in the combustion chamber at the correct time. lf the gap is too small then the spark is not hot enough to ignite the fuel. lf the gap is too wide, then the voltage is not high enough to create a spark. Either condition can create an ignition misfire, causing poor performance and high emissions.

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