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How to Buy a Car

04/Jun/2023 151 |

The most important things for car buyers to know are

Cost of owning a vehicle:

The sales price of the vehicle is just the beginning, there are also operating costs of the vehicle e.g. registration, gas, maintenance, and repair. The following are the major factors that can impact your budget


The majority of vehicles depreciate in value over time. If you purchase a new or used vehicle, the vehicle depreciates each year and its sale price decrease;

Maintenance Cost

Maintenance costs is also a factor in determining which vehicle to purchase since some makes and models cost more to maintain than others.


Insurance fees will vary by the amount of coverage


You can find out the yearly registration fee by contacting your local Motor Vehicle Division

Gas mileage

The gas mileage is a statistical average that the vehicle generally gets and the vehicle that you purchase could get better or worse gas mileage depending on the condition of the vehicle and the roads where it will be driven.

Inspect the vehicle

When you find a vehicle that interests you, search for the current market value of the vehicle. Sometimes a seller will list it for higher than the current market value on purpose. Apart from market value please thoroughly inspect the following


Go through the features (Is it a two-door or four-door? Does it have a CD player, etc.)

Has it been regularly maintained?

A vehicle with 100,000 miles that has had regular maintenance is better than a vehicle with 20,000 miles and has never been maintained.

Car usage

What was the car used for and where was it driven most of the time?

Check the Vehicle Condition by looking into the following checklist

  • Dashboard Lights: check the dashboard lights
  • the horn, the exterior lights, the battery, and many other parts of the vehicle.  make sure it comes with a complete spare tire kit.
  • Paint: Try looking down the side of the vehicle at different angles to see how the light reflects off the paint. If you detect two different coats of paint or areas where touch-up paint has been applied then ask the seller about it. The vehicle may have been in a side-impact collision and its safety features could be compromised.

Test Drive

Test drive the vehicle. See how it handles, accelerates, and brakes. Go to a stretch of road like a freeway onramp or a long stretch between street lights where you can floor it. you’ll ask for previous maintenance and repairs.

One last thing is to be patient. Do not get excited to buy a vehicle. Read the seller’s body language and Hold your ground.

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